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Town Hall: 505 -869 -2050 

Court: 505-869-2205

The Town of Peralta Animal Control Department consists of full time dedicated individuals that oversee all Town Ordinances that pertain to the following:


  • Assist in providing control of animals at large.
    (Fines for dogs running at large: 1st offense $50.00, 2nd offense $75.00, 3rd offense $100.00) AFTER HOUR FEES WILL APPLY.
  • Protect residents from annoyance, immediate threat to health and safety, and injury by animals. 
  • Protect animals from neglect and abuse. 
  • Regulate, restrain and prohibit the running at large of any animal within the Town limits. Provide the impounding and disposition of animals found running at large.
  • Establish certain fees related to the Ordinance. 
  • Prescribe penalties for violation of this Ordinance. 
  • Provide for the safety, preserving the health, promoting order, comfort and convenience of the municipality and its inhabitants. 
  • Promote responsible animal ownership.
  • Promote a rural and animal-friendly character within the Town limits.
  • Assist in providing control of animals not under the jurisdiction of the New Mexico Livestock Board and the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.
  • Enforce State Statutes concerning rabies control and reporting animal bites.
  • Establish fees related to this Ordinance.
  • Prescribe penalties for violations of this Ordinance.

The function of Animal Control department is to oversee all concerns that pertain to resident’s care and keeping of their animals. The Town has the training and equipment to capture animals running at large, and nuisance animals that may be causing damage to resident’s property or animals. The Town has animal traps for loan and rent. The current fees are as follows:

Contact Phone: 505-869-2050
Fax: 505-869-2958

William Hammack, Certified Animal Control Officer

William has lived in Los Lunas his entire life and graduated from Los Lunas High School in 2009. William has complete all courses to become a Certified Animal Control Officer.